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Day Trentadue (32) – August 15 – Roma October 17, 2008

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Enjoying the s

Enjoying the warm water and sights of the Mediterranean Sea

Our visit to the beach just 20 km from our B&B last night was far to brief and we decided to return in the morning.  Mary had suggested we try to find a parking spot close to a small, well marked path to the beach.  If we were in sight of the path, we could give the “north African gentleman” a few Euro to keep an eye on our vehicle.  We had not experienced any difficulties with thefts from our vehicle so far on our trip, but thought this was no time to challenge that record.  As we approached the beach we realized that the public holiday had driven the locals to the beach to enjoy the 29 – 31 C temperatures next to the water.  Our good fortune found us a parking spot directly across from the gentleman and we gave him a few coins and headed to the beach.  It was busy, but it wasn’t difficult to find an area to spread our towels and a few small chairs we borrowed from Mary.  Jessica and Andrew disappeared into the waves and left the adults to alternately watch over the passports etc.  Once again, the water was the perfect temperature for spending extended periods jumping in and body surfing on the waves.Ironically, despite the beach being covered in bathing suits, there was a constant parade of immigrants from warmer climates, clothed literally from head to toe, selling towels, trinkets, etc. You can’t imagine the climate they are accustomed to that would have them wearing anything but shorts and a T-shirt.


Mary had recommended this particular beach because it is located directly in front of a large estate owned and maintained by the state and therefore immaculately kept.  After a few hours rinsed off under some solar heated showers and headed into Rome.


Once in Rome we parked back along the Tiber again and used our tour bus pass to take us to the ancient heart of Rome. 


Jessica, Andrew and Jeff

Jessica, Andrew and Jeff directly in front of the Circus Maximus with the Palatine Hill in the background









We started at the Palatine Hill that overlooked the Circus Maximus.  Following the guide book, we walked through the remains of the emperor’s palaces.  With a little bit of imagination you can picture lavish, marble lined rooms scattered with fountains and reflecting pools.  As you look at the foundations for some of the larger  rooms you remember the movies such as Ben Hurr where Hollywood portrayed the typical life in these palaces.


Courtyard on the Palatine Hill

Buildings on the Palatine Hill






The museum also provides a glimpse into the early settlements that inhabited the Palatine Hill. It was here that Jeff discovered that the time spent at the beach in the morning had turned his front into another source of “global warming”.  As he lifted his shirt to show Deana a few feet away, Jessica (some 30 feet away) let out a shriek at the ruby red site. (Fortunately a thick layer of Vitamin E cream before bed eliminated any pain and prevented significant peeling).




















Fountain on the Palatine Hill

Fountain on the Palatine Hill











 From the Palatine Hill it’s a short walk past the Arch of Constantine to the Colosseum.


The Arch of Constantine

The Arch of Constantine


Andrew, Deana and Jess in the Colosseum

Andrew, Deana and Jess in the Colosseum










Built over 2000 years ago it is amazing to walk through this structure and imagine it filled with 50,000 people cheering on the gladiator contests that took place here.  One guide book pointed out  that a canvas awning was pulled across the upper walls of the Colosseum to produce the “first domed stadium”.   Without the floor, it is possible to see the underground passages that held the caged animals and criminals that were pitted against the gladiators in a battle to the death.  They even had elevators to lift the animals to the arena floor. 




The Colosseum without the floor

The Colosseum without the floor



The Via Sacre in the Roman Forum

The Via Sacre in the Roman Forum








From the Colosseum we entered the Roman Forum and walked along the cobblestones of the Via Sacre through the center of ancient Rome. 




The Arch of Titus in the Forum

The Arch of Titus in the Forum

Once again you looked around at the structures that remain and marvelled at the architectural and engineering skills of the Romans. 


Jeff and Andrew in the Forum

Jeff and Andrew in the Forum








 Other parts of our trip had shown us wonderful historical sites but they had been from eras that used 4 digits.  Here we were standing in buildings that were constructed in the 500 years before to 500 years after the birth of Christ.  Definitely an unusual feeling.  You could barely resist the urge to yell out “TOGA Party”. 




An arch of one of the naves in the Basilica in the Forum

An arch to the side of the central nave in the Basilica in the Forum






Roman Forum

Roman Forum













Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain




We wandered out of the Forum and headed towards the Trevi fountain in search of a restaurant for dinner.  We found a nice little place with outside seating on a narrow street just a few blocks from the fountain.  No sooner than we had placed our order, we felt a few drops of rain so we moved inside and watched as people scurried for cover, unprepared for the surprise rainshower.  Fortunately it was a brief shower and by the time we finished dinner the paving stones were dry and a large crowd was assembled at the Trevi Fountain.  Possibly overhyped, still the Trevi Fountain is yet another testament to the Roman’s ability to take something as simple as a fountain and transform it into a work of art and another display of the abundant supply of water available to Rome.  Where ever you go, there are outdoor fountains providing cool, clear water.  We frequently used these to refill our aluminum water bottles.








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  1. Emma Says:


    I am a senior studying magazine journalism at Ohio University. For a final in my magazine production class, I have to make a sample magazine. I found your blog through an image search in Google and would like to ask permission to use one of your photographs in this project (Andrew, Deana and Jess in the Colosseum).

    This is a completely non-commercial project, though I do hope to use the layout as an example of my design skills in my portfolio. The only people who will see this layout (and your photo, if you let me use it) will be my professor and any potential employers who view my website (http://oak.cats.ohiou.edu/~ef327906/).

    Please contact me via email (ef327906@ohio.edu) with your response.

    Thank you for your time,

    P.S. Beautiful images, by the way. I’m jealous 🙂

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