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Day Siebzehn (17) – July 31 – Salzburg August 1, 2008

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ASalzburg's Hellbrunn Castle

Salzburg's Hellbrunn Castle


Around 1610, Prince-Archbishop Sittkus decided that he wanted to build a lavish palace and grounds on the outskirts of Salzburg.  The Prince had a sense of humor and decide to incorporate his love of water into the making of his palace.  This lovely pool, complete with live fish and working fountains has a large eating table at one end.


Hellbrunn Castle's tricky dining table.

Hellbrunn Castle's tricky dining table.




When the Prince felt his guests were getting a little too excited he would have one of his staff turn on the water jets and get everyone soaked.  There are also jets of water coming from the center of every seat. Except for the seat at the head of the table which would be occupied by the Prince.

There were a number of exhibits including scenes where birds were moving their bills and chirping, all from water power.


Hellbrunn Castle's spraying antlers.

Hellbrunn Castle's spraying antlers.

Our guide controlled the valves that enabled him to spray members of our tour as they left various exhibits.


One of the more spectacular displays was the raising of a crown (in the shape of a cone) from a rock simply with water pressure.  The crown could be raise and lowered just by varying the pressure.  This was said to symbolize peoples stature in society in that we are constantly gaining and losing stature and our position is dependent on many factors, some of which are beyond our control.


Salzburg Castle taken from the Salzach River cruise.

Salzburg Castle taken from the Salzach River cruise.


With the “Salzburg Card” we picked up in the morning we were able to visit Hellbrun, take a cruise on the Salzach River,  ride the funicular up to the 400 year old Hohensalzburg Fortress that overlooks the city, and try out Salzburg’s public transit, all included with the card. The museum in the Fortress houses some wonderful artifacts, several of which were similar to the armaments we saw at Burg Eltz earlier in the trip.



Jessica from high above Salzburg in the Hohensalburg Fortress.

Jessica from high above Salzburg in the Hohensalburg Fortress.


Here is Jessica pictured overlooking the Salzach River. Both the river and the city were named after Salt because it was a major participant in the trading of salt all over Europe.

Of course there was some shopping done with Jessica picking up a pair of Lacoste shoes.  You can buy almost anything in Salzburg, especially if you want to spend a lot of money.

Once again we had a fine dinner at an outdoor restaurant and enjoyed a fine schnitzel.


2 Responses to “Day Siebzehn (17) – July 31 – Salzburg”

  1. Martin Says:

    What!! No “Sound of Music” tour?? Wasn’t that your highlight from last time, Jeff?

  2. 2008europe Says:

    What an amazing memory, from 26 years ago! I did take the Sound of Music tour in ’82, but it was more to get a look at the Salzkamergut (sp?) as I didn’t have a car. Although I have to admit, I think I wore out the vinyl on Mom & Dad’s soundtrack of the Sound of Music getting to sleep many a night (sounds like a great use for an iPod).

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