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Where Are We At? July 19, 2008

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Just thought we’d summarize where we are going to be at throughout our trip.

July 14 9:50 pm – Left home on British Airways – kids were unfamiliar with the concept of an airline feeding you a real meal on the plane.  Remember the good old days when the “Steward/Stewardess” would ask “Will that be chicken or beef?” and then they came around with a box lunch before we landed at Heathrow Airport at 12:45 pm on Tuesday, July 15th.  We took the National Express bus line in to Victoria Station to get a look at the city.  We even saw the new Wimbley Stadium! from a distance.

July 15 -20 – London – At the Hotel Blades at 122 Belgrave Road by 4 pm and checked into our Quad room with Shower.

July 20 -23 – Paris – 8:26 am – Board the Eurostar for a ride through the Chunnel to Paris

July 23 – Depart Paris for Mont Saint Michele on the Normandy/Brittany coast

July 24 – Tour WW1 and WW2 war memorials in Northern France, stay somewhere in the vicinity of Vimy

July 25 – Travel down the Mosel River in Germany, hopefully see Berg Eltz and then spend the night near Koblenz

July 26 – 28 – Berlin – to see how much it has changed since Jeff was there in ’82

July 28 – 30 – Prague – to see where Beer was invented

July 30 – Drive to Austria – possibly Linz and view the Mauthausen Concentration Camp

July 31 – Aug 2 – Salzburg area

Aug 2 – 5 – Munich area – BMW museum, Deutches MuseumDachau and the Hofbrau house

Aug 5 – Drive into Switzerland

Aug 9 – Drive into Italy to a variety of locations – Cinque Terra, Florence, Venice including Maranello (Ferrari museum)

Aug 13 – 17 – Rome

Aug 17 – Depart Rome for home by British Airways via brief stopover at Heathrow


One Response to “Where Are We At?”

  1. Lauren Says:

    PARIS!!! SO luck…One day I’m going. Take a pic of the Eiffle Tower!!!! Like you won’t!

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